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Saturday, March 25, 2006

i was gonna work today ... but then i got high

ok, i didn't actually get high, i just got lazy and i like that afroman song. cloudy saturday afternoon so i'm just chillin, drinkin' my cranberry juice and so on. i think working at SLAC has permanently screwed up my circadian rhythms. i think my average sleep-wake cycle is something like 30 hours. sucK! this polish poster is one of many awesome alternative polish posters for american movies from the iron-curtain days.

i just wrote a response to a question about jane fonda on yahoo answers. people like that piss me off, especially the "dissent is treason" crowd.

next week i'm going to my first ever conference, in quebec. just like real scientists do! it's supposed to be in a really nice ski resort, but i think it'll be too warm for any skiing or whatever, but should be cool anyway. i don't have to present anything (seein' as i dont have anything to present) which makes it double-extra-cool for me.

uh oh. cranberry juice is empty and now i have to go make coffee. yay! bye!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

first post!1

first post in a long time, anyway! this is for mr. anonymous, who's right -- it does suck when people start blogs and then don't update them.

and OMFG BETHY! praise the maker's mark!!

so... lots of stuff has happened. in february i went to poitiers to visit ANDY HOUCK who has gotten MARRIED to a nice french girl named adeline. they have a dog named harry. i have a picture but it's not on this computer so i'll post it sometime soon. anyway it was cool; we drank a LOT, ate a LOT, and i brought so much food/wine back with me that i had to get a second suitcase.

at this moment i'm making a batch of silica microspheres like these according to the stober technique. in the boring part where i have to wash and centrifuge them over and over. presumably they are going to be pretty crappy - i.e. polydisperse - so i'm going to try to use them for fractionation experiments. want to come up with a nice way of getting rid of extra-large or extra-small spheres since they cause cracks/dislocations when they're used to grow an opal.

i'm hungry!