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Thursday, January 19, 2006

human traffic

i read a great article today in the january issue of physics today - on the subtleties of safety designs in cars and how light trucks are a serious danger to others on the road. i always like it when physics people use reason and analytical thought to shed light on subjects that are fraught with murky thinking and ill-conceived myths. so i thought i'd link to it! it's a great read.

also i went to a talk on quantum dots today by ranamurti shankar - not the musician, the guy who wrote that book on quantum mechanics that everyone uses - on the application of a statistical method, random matrix theory, to the analysis of quantum dots. it was a cool talk and he's an engaging speaker - i asked a question at one point, but it was pretty nerve-racking to speak up in front of a room full of smart people about stuff they know very well. i don't know why i'm so self-conscious but it sucks.

anyway, i have to trawl the web now and look for some funny to inject into my talk next week. hope i find some!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it when people start blogs but then never update them. C'mon now, I think your blog deserves a monthly update, at the least.

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Blogger Beth said...

oh, how i praise the maker for google! (:

5:00 PM


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