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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

finally a post!

hi everyone. i started this blog almost a year ago and posted all of 0 entries. so i'm going to try to post more frequently so that the people i know can keep up to date, because.. ya know, i'm sure everyone is just glued to their computers waiting for news of nate!

anyway, i've just finished with a very busy week of lots of work. two papers completed - i'll post them here in case anyone is interested - one was for stat. mech. on molecular dynamics - the other was a design report for my integrated optics on a power splitter in lithium niobate.

so, that done, all i have to do now is finish up some grading and i'm done with the semester's work. this xmas will be spent at home in toronto, so i'll get to do fun stuff like sleeping. andy's getting married - am trying to find the money so that we can go visit him and adeline in france in the spring.

i am deluged with news here in canada about the upcoming parliamentary elections. coming from the states i'm not used to this political system, where elections happen whenever and the prime minister is chosen sort of like the way the speaker of the house is in the US. it seems kind of an unwieldy system fraught with uncertainty for voters - you vote more for the party than for individuals. i guess internationally this is often how it works - the US is weird that way, with individuality trumping collective concerns. still, i think i prefer the (relative) transparency of the american system - the head of state is openly chosen rather than by secret backroom finagling and parliamentary deal-cutting. i do like that there are 4 (5, if you count the bloc quebecois) parties with considerable shares of the electorate, though. the US should really find a way to move towards a more multi-party system. i think instant runoff elections sound great; i wish more places would try them out.

anyway, i'm going to get some ice cream now. for the last year i've had a major sweet tooth. it's weird.